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May Update from LATCOM

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April Update from the Doug and Sue Reider

2024 April Reider Update

Update from the Wolf Family

Dear Family and Friends,

We wanted to give you an update on Julianna's recently repaired ACL.  She is doing very well. She has been doing physical therapy with the doctor who performed her surgery as well as Faith Academy's Athletic Trainer.  Currently, she is riding a stationary bicycle for 30 minutes each day.  Next step is being cleared to lift weights.

We are nearing our arrival to the East side of America. Please pray for safety as we travel and for a smooth connecting flight in Seoul, South Korea. We will be staying with Jen's parents in Quakertown, PA and scheduled 2 visits to Jay's family in New England.

Josiah has completed his online classes as dual enrollment with Cairn University and has one AP Calculus Exam next week. Then, he is officially done with High School. Congratulations, Josiah.  We are so proud of you! He is looking forward to seeing family and beginning his transition to living in PA and attending Cairn University in late August. He is hoping for a summer job and looking forward to playing collegiate volleyball 🙂

Next school year, we will also be transitioning. Our boarding administrator has asked us to move to the boys dorm to be dorm parents of some awesome boys. The current dorm parents will be changing to a different department at Faith Academy, which leaves a vacant spot that we will now takeover. Although the change comes with some sadness and grieving over not going back to where we were last year, especially for our own kids, we are looking forward to building strong relationships with these boys so they feel loved and welcomed.

Please be praying for our financial support.  We are in need of $2,000 a month. We serve a big God, and our needs are never too big for Him to handle.  WorldVenture will need to approve our financial support status before we fly back to Manila late July.  Please drop us an email if you attend a church that might be looking to take on the support of a missionary family or if we could share our ministry with a small group that you may attend.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for Julianna's recovery and rehab over the next few months.
  • Pray for safety as we travel to the USA.
  • Please pray for new financial supporters- we have lost a few partners and some slight increases in budget. Our current support is 74%. We are praying for 20 people to commit $100 per month.
  • If you attend a church or small group Bible study that we are not currently part of, we'd love to talk about making a connection.

Much Love,  

Jay, Jen, Josiah, Julianna and JJ

Update from the Lytles

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Update from Latcom

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Update from Doug and Sue Reider

2024 April Reider Update

Update from Aleka Dragotas